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Social Entrepreneurship Unconference

On the 21st of November 2017 we came together at THUIS Wageningen for an unconference to brainstorm about:

How to turn social initiatives into social enterprises?

Various organisations and individuals showed interest in this topic and participated at the event.
Social enterprises are primarily focusing on solving social issues in a similar manner as NGOs or other charity organizations. However, to make a positive, sustainable impact, a viable business model should be implemented which requires business knowledge, creativity, unusual partnerships and on the top of all of the latter extreme perseverance and believe in the cause. Throughout the unconference there were two rounds of Open Space sessions and during these in total 9 different topics have been discussed. The Open Space Method gives freedom to participants to freely navigate the direction of the sessions therefore in some cases the discussions have been altered from the original topic through the group dynamics. This alternation of course did not lower the value of the discussions since in all of the cases several valuable lessons were shared that can benefit all of us.

The titles of the table discussions:

  • The concept of social enterprise
  • Practicalities
  • How to get the money?
  • How to turn an NGO into a social enterprise?
  • How to make a social enterprise sustainable?
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