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    Wachama is a podcast with passionate changemakers from Wageningen and around the world. Our guests share their personal story that led them to initiate or participate in various interesting projects. Topics vary from food, to finance, health, entrepreneurship, environmental actions, green energy, circular economy, personal development. If you tune in you can hear the words: sustainable, circular, healthy, conscious, awareness, contribution, money, nature, humanity in most of our episodes.

    Backgroud story

    Interestingly wachama is a word in Swahili which means people get together in groups. This has been revealed much later after the word Wachama was born as an abbreviation of Wageningen Change Makers. Wachama is initially but not exclusively a Wageningen based project as Wageningen also became a melting pot of globally discussed issues and solutions.

    Behind Wachama

    Wachama was initiated by Zsolt J. Varga who is also the host of the Wachama podcast.
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  • In the end it is all about storytelling!

    Storytelling is an ongoing process parallel with our human existence. Media, education, advertising, legends, children's tales but it does not stop here. Art, design, fashion, food and culture but even a face of a human being or the way we live our life can tell us a lot. In the podcasts on Wachama we take our time and talk about happenings in our world, brainstorm ideas but we also touch up on the hero's journey of our guests. This is how we mix honest private and professional opinions, zoom in and out and often tell a different story than the mainstream "dogma". Freedom and Balance are the key notions. Our discussions (even if we disagree sometimes) with openminded people are striving for finding consensus which is very very rare in today's polarized world.

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    Full Episodes

    Ep. 6 Bart Doorneweert
    ~Enlightening people through entrepreneurship education

    Ep. 7 Gijs Dalen Meurs
    ~Consciousness in life and finance with Eyevestor

    Ep. 8 Erik Groen
    ~Enriching yourself and the local community with Eurijn

    Ep. 9 Kris Devéria
    ~Becoming a positive force by RENEW-ing ecosystems

    Ep. 10 Elske Hageraats
    ~How to (and how not to) feed the world?

    Ep. 11 Peter Gabriz
    ~Stepping into the shoes of a CEO before and after the crash

    Ep. 12 Gijs Spoor
    ~Social entrepreneurship and the Green Silk Road between India and Europe

    Ep. 13 Erik Schoppen
    ~Social neuroscience, sustainable brands & trust

    Ep. 14 Chintan Kella
    ~Alternative forms of organizing (street vendors of India & Auroville)

    Ep. 15 Serf Doesborgh
    ~The Zeitgeist Movement
    (The Dutch Chapter)

    Ep. 16 Nicholas Panayi
    ~Healthiest Man on Earth

    Ep. 17 Joaquim Moura
    ~Compost and Youth, these are my two legs

  • Tune in and listen to our episodes!

    2nd Season

    Ep. 18 Allan Supercamp
    ~The bread opens the heart and the herbs do the healing

    Ep. 19 Siets Bakker
    ~Moving Questions


    Ep. 20 Alex van Tuyll
    ~Organic waste management & food growing with AMI


    Ep. 21 Hoe Ren Wong
    ~From oil rig to inner peace


    Ep. 22 Jan Hellinga
    ~DiSC model and gut feeling in sales and entrepreneurship

    Ep. 23 Bart Pronk
    ~The right-hand man of the Iceman

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    Social Entrepreneurship Unconference Follow-up

    On the 21st of November 2017 we came together at THUIS Wageningen for an unconference to brainstorm about: How to turn social initiatives into social enterprises? Various organisations and individuals showed interest in this topic and participated at the event. Social enterprises are...
    “If you want to do something very good there is no money for it. It is something very weird in our society that our value system is completely opposite to our intuitive nature.” ¬David In the previous articles many overlapping questions were already discussed. Mostly because in the end we...
    The initial question of the table discussion was: What can the concept of social enterprise offer to NGOs to help them evolve. This question shows in itself that nowadays more and more impact makers realize the pitfalls of NGO-s and want to take steps towards a more sustainable form of...
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